Great support from London Nurses Agency

Reviewer: Peter K (London, United Kingdom)

"The service was good with lots of support and meets my expectations. Health Professionals has also met my requirements for work. Health Professionals are better in support compared to other agencies."

Nurses Agency in London

Reviewer:Manju S (London, United Kingdom)

"I found all staff at Health Professionals nurses agency very friendly and helpful. The way I was approached and everything done so quickly was fantastic."

"Better than other Nursing Agencies"

Reviewer: Sean RM (London, United Kingdom)

"Better than other nursing agencies, Health Professionals are much more friendly and personable."

Professionals nursing agency

Reviewer: Leah K (London, United Kingdom)M

"I feel that as a nursing agency, Health Professionals have shown professionalism and support through my registration, I feel I am ready to start work. I found that it would be an excellent nurses agency to work for and that I would be supported when I start work."

Friendly staff at Health Professionals

Reviewer: Daren U (London, United Kingdom)

"During my registration and interview process the staff at Health Professionals had a very friendly manner and helpful and I felt comfortable during my interview process."

Health Professionals Nursing Agency

Reviewer: C Grey (London, United Kingdom)

"My application to Health Professionals Nursing Agency has been processed very quickly and efficiently. All the London staff have been helpful and have replied promptly to phone calls/emails."

Heath Professionals Nursing Agency

Reviewer: Elizabeth N (London, United Kingdom)

"The registration and interview process was thorough. My expectations were met accordingly. I felt my needs for work requirements were understood. Heath Professionals Nursing Agency was very professional and efficient"

Nursing Agency in London

Reviewer: Angeline C (London, United Kingdom)

"The interview with the nursing agency was good and was able to discuss my needs and could ask questions about the organisation. I found it quite professional."

Delighted with Health Professionals Nursing Agency

Reviewer: S Barbon (London, United Kingdom)

"I was so delighted and impressed with the way the interviewer at Health Professionals Nursing Agency asked questions and showed so much professionalism towards me, the interviewee."

"Professional and elite service to nurses"

Reviewer: A Alcock (London, United Kingdom)

"The registration and interview process was professional and efficient which has provided me with a sense of trust in the nursing agency. My first impression of the nursing agency was that it was a professional and elite service to nurses respected by it's clients."

London Agency

Reviewer: Lorna S (London, United Kingdom)

"Very impressed with the speed of registration."

London Nursing Agency

Reviewer: D Woodhouse (London, United Kingdom)

"All staff at Health Professionals Nursing Agency were pleasant, professional and courteous. The interview was appropriate and the training online satisfactory. The process was efficient and staff communicated well before, at and since the interview."

Health Professionals Nursing Agency

Reviewer: M Martin (London, United Kingdom)

"I found that the Health Professionals Nursing Agency staff managing my registration process knew very well what they were doing and they met my expectations entirely."

Agency Nursing in London

Reviewer: Sam M (London, United Kingdom)

"My expectations were all met when l got to your Knightsbridge offices. I was met by 2 Consultants who greeted & shook my hand. l was made to feel at ease. The registration was smooth and did not take too long. l felt my requirements for work were understood. Compared to other nursing agencies, l think you did very well, registration is smooth and you don't keep people waiting too long. l was kept in informed of what was going on all the time. When l got lost, one of the Consultant took her time to give me directions to get to the Knightsbridge office and l was met at the door, which made even feel more welcome."

Friendly staff at Health Professionals

Reviewer: Katerina H (London, United Kingdom)

"Everything was good, all your staff were very nice and patient with me. Well done."

Professional Nursing Agency

Reviewer: S O'Riordan, RN. (London, United Kingdom)

"As a whole, I found the registration process to be efficient, well managed and straight forward. Comparing with other nursing agencies I have worked for, I found all members of the nursing agency staff to be professional at all times."

Health Proefssionals Nursing team were amazing

Reviewer: M Villareal (London, United Kingdom)

"The registration nursing team in Knightsbridge were absolutely amazing. Very helpful and accommodating! The day I was interviewed the office was so busy packed with applicants but they made us feel comfortable and everyone was so patient. I was attended by Ashley, she was very accommodating and I really appreciate her help. The only thing I observed is the place was quite small and quite hard to find as there was no big sign, I thought I was in the wrong place because the office below was a betting area. But all in all the service was great and the staff very well organised. Now I'm looking forward to working with Health Professionals."

Professionals organisation at Health Professionals

Reviewer: A Pringle, Registered Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

Very detailed registration, which suggests a very professional organisation. Staff were very friendly and helpful.""

Staff members professional and friendly

Reviewer: J Rowley, RN Neonatal Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

"I have been very impressed with the standard of professionalism displayed since my initial contact with the friendly staff at UK health professionals. This is my first experience with a nursing agency, so I did not have any preconceived standards. The contact I have had with various staff members has been positive and friendly, always willing to help and answer questions. I believe you have listened to my preferences for work and are attempting to oblige as much as possible."

My first nursing agency of choice

Reviewer: Juliette Feirn RN (London, United Kingdom)

"very friendly and professional staff. Very willing to accomadate my wishes in choosing particular areas of work. Would definately be my first nursing agency of choice. Recommended by a friend.Very pleased with the support and assistance i have recieved,excellent staff."

Prompt Nursing Agency Service

Reviewer: Jane Kelly RN (London, United Kingdom)

"Yes. Very friendly staff. The process of registering was quite efficient, and staff were very helpful. I received a reply email immediately, very prompt service."

Caring nursing agency in London

Reviewer: Elizabeth Wilson (London, United Kingdom)

"The registration process was very simple and the interview stage was made comfortable by health professionals staff. I believe health professionals met my requirements for work. I haven't worked with other agencies."

Very helpful and professional service

Reviewer: E Macmahon (Belfast, United Kingdom)

"I found out about Health Professionals from a friend. After registering, I soon received a call back from Michele who I found to be very helpful, informative and above all very professional. The same applies to all other staff who have been similarly helpful and patient with my queries. All emails have been answered promptly and all relevant information offered from an early stage."

Consistently high quality nursing agency

Reviewer: S Moore (London, United Kingdom)

"I have been with Health Professionals for over 5 years now, since first arriving in the UK, and they have always been able to find me work in my specialist areas, in particular as an ITU nurse, whenever I have needed it."

Specialist Staff Nurse

Reviewer: Rom Laggui (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

"The Team from Health Professionals are very helpful, supportive and approachable at all times."

Great service at London Nursing Agency

Reviewer: Peggy O (London, United Kingdom)

"Great service was able to get nursing work immediately. You met my expectations and you have understood my work requirements perfectly. I was also associated with another London nursing agency who told me that they would not be able to get me work so I am very pleased. Friendly and helpful. Easy to work with."

Nursing Jobs in London

Reviewer: Kath Sharkie, Registered Nurse (Melbourne, Australia)

"Very quick with processing my application. Ended my search instantly for nursing jobs in London."

Wonderful agency for registered nurses

Reviewer: Felicity Cox (London, United Kingdom)

"I felt that the whole process was done with great professionalism. Contact with the agency is easy and efficient. Also, giving me all the information I need at the time. The online training session although had a lot of information was easy to comprehend. I have been through several nursing agencies and have found this one to be one of the best. Thank you as the move from one country to another can be very overwhelming, this process has been very comforting!"

Theatre nursing in Northern Ireland

Reviewer: Jesito Sison (Portadown, United Kingdom)

"Health Professionals is simply a brilliant agency to work with. Friendly team and easy to approach. Thanks so much to the HP team and all the nurses working with them."

"Head and shoulders above other Nursing Agencies"

Reviewer: E Prentice, RGN (London, United Kingdom)

I’ve been working as an agency nurse through Health Professionals for the past three years, and the scope of variety and nursing opportunities during that time have been excellent. It’s a highly professional nursing agency which strives for perfection in both theory and practice. This is backed up by extensive and well-balanced induction programmes which incorporate both mandatory training and professional development packages. The fact that Health Professionals is a professional privately run nursing company, really promotes a caring, ‘family’ atmosphere which extends down to client and patient care alike. This personal touch is very effective and rewarding for all concerned. Health Professionals stands ‘head and shoulders’ above other nursing agencies."

"Nursing Agency helped with ITU assignments"

Reviewer: L Harris (London, United Kingdom)

"Professional at all times."

"Much better than any other agency"

Reviewer: C Connell (London, United Kingdom)

"The service I received was excellent, very informative and professional. I was kept up to date with the whole process, my expectations were met at a high level, speedy response and answered any queries or concerns I had. Health Professionals was much better than any other nursing agency I have used as I have found most nursing agencies to be very unreliable or took too long to get back to me. All in all I am very impressed with the level of service from this nurses agency."

"Very helpful and efficient nursing agency"

Reviewer: Sophie Song, Registered Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

"Health Professionals are a very helpful and efficient nursing agency. I found the nursing agency via the internet and then contacted them. Health Professionals took the least time to respond and consequently the one that I decided to register with. I worked for an amazing charity on a temp nursing basis on a special project and really enjoyed the assignment."

Great agency for RN's

Reviewer: S Mannix Registered Midwife (London, United Kingdom)

"A very efficient and pleasant atmosphere in the office at Health Professionals in Knightsbridge London. More helpful than other nursing agencies approached. All forms were filled in at one time. Online registration also very helpful. Of all the nursing agencies I rang, Health Professionals were most friendly and receptive on the phone, which means a lot."

Professional Nursing Agency in London

Reviewer: R Costas (London, United Kingdom)

"I think that the nursing registration process was quick and very professional. What's more, I feel that my work requirements were fully understood."

Swift and professional Nursing Agency

Reviewer: M Alrshoud, RN (London, United Kingdom)

"I am really very impressed with the quick services and the high technology in processing the nursing application. The nursing agency staff were very friendly and helpful. Thanks very much. Excellent service."

Theatre Nursing Agency in London Work

Reviewer: J Piper (London, United Kingdom)

"Very fast and efficient nursing services."

Great Nurses Agency in Central London

Reviewer: E Duma (London, United Kingdom)

"Organised agency, the staff that helped me at Health Professionals were approachable and kind."

Health Professionals ICU Nursing Agency

Reviewer: Hazel S (London, United Kingdom)

"Communication has always been good since joining Health Professionals for ITU Nursing Assignments and general ICU Nursing Agency work in the UK. I found Jennie and Sara kind and helpful with the nurses agency application process and any questions asked."

Clinic Nursing Jobs in London

Reviewer: J Parker (London, United Kingdom)

"I was very pleased that the nursing agency only offered me positions that I would like as opposed to simply any one I was qualified for as other nursing agencies have done. I appreciated having my needs and wants taken into such careful consideration. I also really appreciated the quality of all the organizations I was put forward for, far better than any of the other nursing agencies.Health Professionals London Nursing Agency Replies:Thank you Jenny for taking the time to complete the Health Professionals audit review form. We appreciate your comments. Health Professionals work extremely hard to find only quality clients and it's great to know you appreciated this aspect of our service. We are often the only nursing agency our healthcare clients use hence the reason why the quality of our opportunities cannot be matched by other London Nursing Agencies. We were not only able to organise some great interviews for you but were also able negotiate an increase in your starting salary of nearly £5k over your initial expectation and got you started within days of seeing us at a prestigious and reputed clinic in central London. Thanks again for taking the time to submit your positive views on our services to nurses seeking nursing jobs in London.The team at Health Professionals"

A very friendly nursing agency

Reviewer: E Bell, Registered Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

"Very friendly, individualised and informative."

Very helpful nurses agency in London

Reviewer: A Kreft, Unregistered Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

"Health Professionals were very helpful and kept me up to date as to what was happening with my application, and what I needed to follow up on."

Health Professionals provide an excellent service

Reviewer: F Rozakeas, Registered Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

"Health Professionals provided an excellent service on the day of registration. The procedure was very well explained to me. All necessary documents were provided. Guidance and assistance was provided throughout the process. The interview stage was very welcoming and encouraging."

Highly professional nursing staff

Reviewer: A Shereni (London, United Kingdom)

"The staff were highly professional and facilitated my speedy registration. They treated people as individuals and made the registration easy and fast. I felt like I was the only one registering with the nursing agency."

Excellent service at London based nurses agency

Reviewer: S Mugari, Registered Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

"Expectations were tremendously met in such a professional manner. Great communication skills among staff and very informative. However, I have no experience with other nursing agencies in London but the service was just excellent."

Exceptional and efficient nurses agency

Reviewer: A O'Reilly (London, United Kingdom)

"My initial impression was that it is just another nursing agency but the service from Health Professionals was exceptional and very efficient."

Health Professionals are a great support

Reviewer: S Garcia (London, United Kingdom)

"Health Professionals have always been a great support to me working through them at a major NHS Hospital."

Professional nursing recruitment procedure

Reviewer: K Takavarasha (London, United Kingdom)

"Your recruitment procedure is much more professional than other nursing agencies in London and the training is a lot more informative and covers a lot of relevant areas."

Professional team at Health Professionals

Reviewer: Laura O, Registered Cardiac Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

"I had never heard about this nursing agency before. But I appreciated the professionalism of the team throughout my registration to become a Health Professionals temp."

Exceeded my expectations as a nursing agency

Reviewer: G LaTouche, Registered Nurse (London, United Kingdom)

"I was very impressed with the service I received. You certainly exceeded my expectations. All staff were friendly and very professional in comparison to other nursing agencies, I found you all very organised and efficient. I am extremely pleased so far."